EDHP 588 Practicum Course Syllabus


Week 1 January 13 :  Contrasting the Role of Teacher in Various ESL/EFL Environments.

·        The who, what, where, why and how of ESL/EFL teaching

·        The myths of teaching (Ayers, pp.10-16)

·        Assignment: 1) Complete Reflection Worksheet #1; 2) Read Ayers, Chapters 1 & 2


January 20 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and a University of Southern California Holiday. There will be no class meeting.


Week 2 January 27: The Elements of a Lesson Plan

·        Lesson goals

·        Choosing a method and mixing methods

·        Planning the lesson (previewing, time management, reviewing, follow-ups)

·        Assignments: 1) Read Ayers, Chapter 3; 2) Group assignment to design a lesson using a particular method.  In week three, the group will give a short presentation of the lesson mentioning how the method manifests the theoretical approach.


Week 3 Feb. 3: Designing, Revising and Teaching Lesson Plans

·        Group presentations.

·        Assignment: 1) Read Ayers, Chapter 4; 2) Internet lesson plan search

·        Students should have started their classroom observations by this time.


Week 4 Feb. 10: From Planning to Practice

·        Role plays using internet lessons

·        Assignments:  1) Read Ayers, Chapter 5; 2) Design at least two lesson plans—One to be used for the role-plays in week 5.


February 17 is Presidents’ Day and a USC holiday; there will be no class meeting.


Week 5 Feb. 24:  Practicing Improvisation

·        More role play practice

·        Impromptu lessons

·        Assignments: 1) Read Ayers, Chapter 6

·        Students should be about half finished with their classroom observations by this time.


Week 6 March 3: When the Lesson is Finished: Reflection

·        What were the strong points of the lesson?

·        What could I have done differently?

·        How can I improve the lesson?

·        Assignments: 1) Worksheet # 2



Week 7 March 10: Classroom Management

·        Students should be finished with their classroom observations by this time.

·        Students should be volunteering as tutors and conversation partners or be placed into a teaching role by this time.


March 17-22 Spring Break


Weeks 8 & 9 ( March 24 & 31)

·        The class will not meet as a class during these weeks.  Instead the instructor will be conducting observations and meeting with students for 1 to 1 feedback conferences.

·        Students will also be required to attend a professional conference and prepare a brief report.  Students unable to attend a conference will be given an alternative assignment.

·        Assignments: 1) Worksheet # 3


Week 10 April 7  Teachers Sharing Ideas

Assignments: 1) Read Ayers, Chapter 7


Week 11 April 14 How to Avoid Sending the Wrong Message

Assignments:  1) Read Ayers, Chapter 8; 2) Worksheet #4


Week 12 April 21 Final Observations/Conferences (No class meeting)

Assignments: 1) Worksheet # 5


Week 13 April 28 Reflections




Personal Reflection Journal

Each student must keep a personal journal of their preparation, teaching and reflection experiences.  Since this journal is of a personal nature, the instructor will not read the journal.  However, students will be required to turn in a log sheet of journal entries with dates and a general topic listed.

50 points


Reflection Worksheets

There will be 5 worksheets for students to complete.  These worksheets are designed to get teachers thinking about issues both in the classroom and outside the classroom. 50 points (10 pts. ea.)


ESL/EFL Observations

Each student must observe at least 10 hours of ESL/EFL teaching.  100 points


Role Plays

Each student will be evaluated on three role plays in which they assume the role of teacher.

60 points (20 pts. ea.)



Each student will complete a minimum of 5 hours of teaching in a situation that is logistically sensible with consideration to the student’s goals and experience. 100 points


Class participation

40 points