The Hot, Humid, Wet, Rainy Summer in Southern China

Chengdu...Leshan...Mt. Emei...Kunming


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Pandas Eating Bamboo

Pandas Eating Bamboo #2

Goldfish Orgy 1

Goldfish Orgy 2

Street Aerobics in Leshan

Bamboo Temple in Kunming



Sichon and Yunnan Provinces

After seeing the places we really wanted to see in China, it came time to decide on an "escape route". How were we going to get out of the country before our 30-day visas expired??? We decided to go to Chengdu in hopes of seeing the total eclipse of the sun on July 22, 2009 and then make our way south through Leshan, Emeishan and Kunming in order to exit into Laos.

July 22nd, 2009

Total Eclipse

of the Sun Video

Total Eclipse in Leshan

Grand Buddha and Total Eclipse

End of the Eclipse

Pandas Eating Bamboo

The Panda Reserve

in Chengdu



Pandas Eating Bamboo #2

Goldfish Orgy 1


Leshan Grand Buddha

71 meters (233 feet) high

(Click here for the story of the Buddha)



We basically got rained out in our attempt to climb the sacred Mt. Emei. It was a disappointment for us, but I am sure it was even more of a disappointment for the 10s of thousands of Chinese who spent several years of savings to make the pilgrimage. We were able to see much of the beauty of the area even with the clouds and rain. I would love to visit there again sometime…perhaps in the autumn when the summer rain and the holiday crowds disappear.

Surfing Buddhas at the

Bamboo Temple


Bamboo Temple



Capital of Yunnan