Famous Quotes on Education

Quotes are a wonderful way to start a day or start a lesson. Quotes can be written on the blackboard before a lesson to begin a theme. Quotes can stay with a student for a lifetime. Click on the above link for some quotes on education.


Click on the above link to find a list of ESL/EFL websites with lesson plans and resources for designing lessons.

Authentic texts

Click on the above link to find a list od websites with news, movie information and other resources that provide "authentic texts" for supplemental lessons with your students.

Games and Songs

Click on the above link to find ideas for games and songs to use with your students.

On-line Listening/Speaking

  • Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

  • The English Listening Lounge

  • ESL Listening activities

More Useful Websites


  • Resources for teachers and students

  • A variety of resources for all levels

  • A plethora of teacher resources

  • A network for TEFL teachers (jobs, materials, reviews and resources)

  • Dave’s world famous ESL cafe

  • Quizzes, grammar and idioms

  • Lesson plans, resources and a job board

  • another popular site (HIGHLY RECOMMENED)

  • The Internet TESL Journal

  • lessons plans on the web

  • ESL resources for students

  • Some basic grammar rules

  • Excellent site!!!!! (tons of links)

  • Grammar

Dictionaries and Translation or


  • quick-find dictionary and more

  • A list of dictionaries and other reference sources on the world-wide web

  • A web portal that caters to language translation, money conversion, loans, shopping, games and web development. Translate a website or text via translation software or online translator.

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