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365 Short Stories

Eva Easton - Stories with pronunciation excercises

NPR StoryCorps -Stories about real people (audio available)

Week 2

Homework for April 18:

1. Start Vocab Notebook

Click here for tips to start a vocab notebook.

2. Answer questionnaire 1 for your reading journal.



Week 3

Homework for April 25

1. Add new words to your vocab notebook

2. Fill out your weekly Journal Form

3. Do excercises on pp. 8-10 in Essential Reading


Week 4

Week 5


Week 6


Week 7



Week 8



Week 9


Week 10


Week 11



Week 12


Week 13

Week 14


Week 15

Suggested Websites

Amnesty International - Global news about humanrights issues

Lonely Planet - Excellent travel website with stories about exotic places all over the world

Short Stories by Jeremy Taylor - Free downloadable stories for EFL learners

National Geographic - Great pics and stories about nature and the world (The link to the "kids" section has plenty of "easy-reading" stories.





Brian J. English Ph.D.

Course Instructor