Issues In TESOL

Lecture Notes

Culture in TESOL: To Teach or Not to Teach Presentation on issues related to teaching cultural content in ESL/EFL/EAP classes.

Suggested Reading

Netspeak' doing more good than harm to English language, experts say by Robert S. Boyd

Essay on Linguistic Relativity by Brian English

Knowledge Fades As Africa Languages Die by Terry Leonard

Papers on the Critical Period Hypothesis

Critical Evidence: A Test of the Critical Period Hypothesis for Second Language Acquisition by Kenji Hakuta, Ellen Bialystok and Edward Wiley

A concept of 'critical period' for language acquisition--- Its implication for adult language learning --- by Katsumi Nagai

Suggested Websites

http://geocities.com/espzone/ Tim Thompson's English For Specific Purposes website


Brian J. English Ph.D.

Course Instructor