CALL Teaching Instructions for

“Korean Castles and Temples”

Level: middle school /adult


Time: 80 – 100 minutes (depending on how many activities are done)

Language Objective: Question forms, past tense

Functional Objective: Asking and answering questions about tourist destinations in Korea.

Note: This lesson is designed to be a supplementary lesson for American Shine book 2 unit 2.  However, it can be used for classes using another textbook.


Activity 1- Warm-up

Explained to students that in their American Shine textbook they learn about castles and other famous old buildings that are tourist attractions around the world.  Ask them:

1)     What tourist attractions do you remember reading about in Unit 2?

2)     What famous old buildings do you know about in Korea?

3)     Which famous places in Korea have you visited?

Activity 2 – Gwongeumseong Castle

The purpose of this activity is to provide a model for the students on how to formulate questions from a text.  They will do thin in small groups in the next activity.

Here are several possible questions:

1)     What other names does the castle have?

2)     Where is it located?

3)     When was it built?

4)     Who built it?

5)     Why was it built?

Activity 3 – Pair work

Activity 4 – Answering questions

Each pair comes to the front of the class and asks their questions while the other students scan the temple’s website for the answers.

Additional websites of interest:

Gyeongju Historic Areas

World Heritage Site- Kyongju

Travel Company Website

Gyeongju, Korea  Kings in Grass Castles

Korean National Tourism Organization (English version)

Korean National Tourism Organization (Korean version)