My Chinese Horoscope

According to Chinese Astrology, my birth sign is the Tiger. Tigers are born leaders. Tigers are courageous, noble and warm-hearted. They also have a natural, raw appeal, and other people like to be around them. I don’t know if this is all true, but it’s fun to learn about Chinese signs anyway.

 My horoscope today says that I will make large-scale transactions. In other words, I am going to spend a lot of money today. It also says that someone close to me will show signs of fatigue and irritability. Maybe one of my good friends will be tired and angry today. Actually, it doesn’t really sound like today is going to be a great day for me. 


Comprehension Questions

1)      What are some personal attributes or personality traits of a Tiger?

2)      Is the Tiger above going to have a good day? Why or why not?


What is a born leader?

What is another word (synonym) for brave? Warm-hearted?

What do fatigue and irritability mean?

What are some other common words we use to describe personality traits?


What are the two verb patterns in the introduction that are used to make predictions?

When talking about personality traits we use ‘be’ verb, but we sometimes use ‘have’ also. Do you know when to use ‘be’ and when to use ‘have’?

Visit the Website

Type in your birthday and find out what your Chinese astrological sign is. Click on the animal icon and read about your sign. Be sure to use the dictionary on your computer desktop to help with words you don’t know. To find out whom you are most compatible with click on “Chinese Sign Compatibility.” Then, to read your daily horoscope, click on the link at the left side of the page that says “Daily Chinese Horoscope.”


Discussion Questions

1)      What does your Chinese sign tell you about your own personality traits? Do you agree? Disagree? Why?

2)      What other sign are you most compatible with? Least? Do you agree?

3)      According to your daily horoscope, are you going to have a good day? How does tomorrow look? Better? Worse than today?


Discuss the following question as a group.

Do you think there is any validity to Chinese signs? If so, why? If not, why?

In English we have an expression that goes something like this: “You’re just reading tea leaves.” Basically, this means that when people read their horoscope they “see” what they want to see. Do you think this is true? Discuss.