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Mt.Kinabalu-- 4095.2 meters

Highest Peak in SE Asia

Click HERE to view a 30 sec video of me swimming through this School of Jacks

Sipidan Island

Click HERE for video of a Turtle

Click HERE for a video of a Shark

Mabul Island and Muck Diving

Borneo Divers Resort

Yellow Frog Fish

Nudi Branch

Sea Slug

Porcelain Shrimp

Black Frog Fish

Oil Rig Converted to Dive Resort

Cuttle Fish

Blue Spotted Stingray

Semporna Sea Gypsy Houses

Surfacing after Sunset Dive

Typhoon Debris

Mt. Kinabalu

Mountain Rain Forest

Click HERE for video clip

Views from the Above the Clouds

My Guide, Romia

Click HERE for video clip

Wet and Cold at the Summit

Sunrise on the Trail Down

View of Mt. Kinabalu from the Plane

Koto Kinabalu Town

University of Malaysia, Sabah

Squatters' Dwelling on the Water

Masjid Likas

Masjid Negeri

Click HERE for a video clip of the plane taking off out of Koto Kinabalu

View of KK from the Plane

Kuala Lumpur

My Temple Guide-Tunisha

Petronas Twin Towers

The Towers' Bridge was made in Korea

Random Shots