Philippines 2007

Island Hopping Again

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Puerto Galera getting over crowded with dive shops and hotels

Coron town in the Calamianes Island Group North of Palawan

More Shots From Coron
Coron Hot Springs on the Sea


Barracuda Lake

Our Boatmen

Sunset from Restaurant

View of Coron from the Hill

Loading the Plane to Manila

At Coron Airport


Apo Reef from the Plane



View from the Plane

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Moal Boal, Cebu Island

Pescador Island-Great Diving


Cebu Island Coast

Moal Boal Sunset

Fuente Osmena in Cebu

Funeral in Cordova

Mactan, Gilutongan, Caohagan and Olango Islands

Neil at His Cadillac Cafe

Cordova Kids Going to School

Tuti in the New Guardhouse

The Gilutongan Marine Sanctuary was the site for my dissertation research in 2001. Since that time the sanctuary has enjoy great success in stewardship of the local coastal environment. In 2006 the sanctuary's income from visitors was over 3 .2 million pesos (US$60,000 plus). However, most of the funds go to the municipality in Cordova, not to the island fisherfolk who need them for health and education.

The sanctuary is becoming one of the many promising examples of Coastal Resource Management and Stewardship of the Environment!


Gilutongan School

(Only goes to the 6th grade)



Caohagan Island


View of the Sanctuary from the Guardhouse


Caohagan Women are

Famous for Their Quilting


Caohagan Seafood Vendors


Poisonous Rock Fish


Malapasuca Island

Gato Island-Looks Like a Cat

Gato Island Cave Dive Site

Dive Masters and Boatmen

Dive Masters and Cook, Mary Rose


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