Teaching Instructions for

"How Can I Get to..."

Level of Class: Intermediate

This lesson can be used to supplement All in One 2 Unit 8

Topic of Lesson: Public Transportation


Domains: http://www.subwayworld.co.kr/english/index.htm





Objectives: reading the map; finding locations: You should take…

Expected pupils’ products: Direction to Dosku Palace (example)


Description of the Activities:

Pre-computer activities

Computer activities

Post-computer activities:

Discussion of various modes of public transportation in Daejeon/Korea

1)     Seoul: How can I get to Namdaemun? You should take the Blue Line to Hoehyeon Station




click on Subway Map and zoom


2)     New York:  How can I get to the Yankee Stadium? You should take line B, D or 4 to the 161st Street




3)     London: Could you tell the way to the Parliament?  Sure, you should take the Circle Line ant get off at Westminster Station




click on Tube Map


4)     Paris: How can I get to the Louvre Museum? Take the 1st Metro Line to the Louvre Station




click on English version Metro map



Discussion: Which city has the best subway system?  Why?