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Brian J. English Ph.D

Yokohama, Japan


Utilize my abilities as a researcher, teacher and curriculum designer to effectively plan and design education initiatives that foster students’ academic development and promote intercultural communication.


Ph.D. in International/Intercultural Education
University of Southern California, 2002. Course work included a focus on environmental studies, a review of issues related to program development , and specific training in qualitative and quantitative research methods for evaluating and analyzing educational settings. The emphasis of my research has been on social learning, organizational learning and empowerment in community-based education programs.

M.S. in Teaching English as a Second Language
University of Southern California, 1999. Completed course work includes: Course Design for ESL; Cultural Transmission in Education; Sociology of Education; Technology in Education.

M.S. in International Education
University of Southern California, 1998, Phi Kappa Phi. Completed course work includes: The Role of Language in International Education; Administration of Higher Education; Education in Asia; TESOL Methods.

B.A. with a double major in English and Psychology
University of Michigan—Dearborn, 1983.


Associate Professor, Tama University—School of Global Studies, April 2011 - present, Fujisawa, Japan. Duties include designing and implementing curriculum for the Academic English Program, writing entrance exams and participating in committee projects.

Assistant Professor, Konkuk University, Department of English Language and Literature, Chung Ju, Korea, March 2006 – Feb. 2011. Graduate Courses Taught: Theory of Second Language Acquisition, ESL/EFL Teaching Methods, Practical Application of Teaching Methods and Course Design, Academic Writing Courses, English Speech and Professional Communication, various undergraduate English language courses.

Director of Woosong Language Institute/Assistant Professor, Woosong University MA TESOL program, Woosong Educational Foundation, Daejeon Korea, August 2004 – Feb. 2006
Supervised fifty foreign instructors, designed and implemented teacher training programs, scheduled courses, chaired graduate theses, liaison for Korean faculty and administration.

Assistant Director of Professional Development, International Public Policy and Management Program, University of Southern California, January 2003- June 2004. Duties include academic monitoring of students, managing teaching assistants, developing curriculum and web-based supplemental instruction, teaching professional presentation skills and professional writing skills.

Adjunct Associate Professor, Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California, August 2002- May 2003. The duties of this position were to design and teach graduate level courses for students enrolled in the M.S. TESOL program.

Adjunct Faculty, Los Angeles City College, August 2002- June 2003. Responsibilities are to develop curriculum and teach ESL classes.

Assistant Lecturer, USC American Language Institute, Los Angeles, CA, August 1998- May 2002. English for Academic Purposes, graduate and undergraduate level writing classes, curriculum revision. During the Fall 2000 semester, I was given special duties as a supervisor’s assistant.

ESL Teacher, USC Language Academy, Los Angeles, CA, July 1998 – December 2002. I taught various levels of oral skills, writing and grammar courses in this English for Academic Purposes program and contributed to the development of course curriculum. Most notably is a course I designed entitled, “Learning English through Current Events”.

Teacher Trainer, USC Language Academy, July/August, 2000. Developed curriculum and taught classes in methodology and language acquisition for visiting teachers from Taiwan and Japan.

Volunteer Teacher, USC Office of International Students and Scholars, September, 1997- April 1998.

Volunteer, USC Language Academy/ALI Media Center, September 1997-December 1997. Assisted and advised students on how to use the English study resources at the center.

Teacher/Interpreter, California English Academy/NKS Japan, San Francisco, CA, July 1996-June 1997. Jointly employed by two companies as a cultural liaison for Japanese golf school students.

High School Teacher, Meirin High School, Yokohama, April 1992 - March 1996.
Business English Teacher, Prime Academy, Tokyo, January 1993-1996. Business English /International Communication.

English Conversation Teacher, B.E.A., Fujisawa, 1990 -1992.

ESL Teacher, San Francisco Academy of English, 1990. Teaching and designing college prep ESL classes for foreign students.

Teacher and Assistant Supervisor, ASA Community Salon, Yokohama, 1986–1988. Developing curriculum, teaching ESL, evaluating students' progress and training new teachers.

Volunteer Educator, Project Start, Detroit, MI—1981-1983. Teaching and counseling ex-offenders for a high school equivalency test.

Writing Tutor, University of Michigan, Dearborn, MI, 1980-83.


"Controversial Issues in the Classroom: What's Under the Rock" Joint Faculty Development Workshop, Tama University -- School of Global Studies and Lakeland College Japan, November, 2012.

"Using a Communicative Approach to Teach Grammar" Fujisawa Board of Education Teacher Training Seminar at Tama University, School of Global Studies, August 1, 2012

"Using E-Texts to Foster Independent Learning" JALT Conference 2011, Tokyo Japan, November 20, 2011

"Computer-Assisted Instruction in University Courses" Faculty Development Joint Workshop, Tama University -- School of Global Studies and Lakeland College Japan, October 17, 2011.

“Integrating Online Materials to Facilitate the Writing Process” KOTESOL, Seoul, Korea, October 2011.

“Paint it Green” KOTESOL, Seoul, Korea, October 2011.

“Global Perspectives: International Volunteering as Leadership Training” Konkuk University Future Leaders Association, October 2007.

“English as a Global Language” Konkuk University Future Leaders Association, May 2007.

“Methodological Guidelines for Teaching Writing to ESL Students” KOTESOL, Seoul, Korea, October, 2006.

“The Who, What, Why, Where, When, and How of CALL/CALT” Korea National University of Education/EPIK Program. This is a teacher-training seminar that presents guidelines for developing web-based supplemental lessons.

“Climbing the EFL Ladder: Getting That Next Job” KOTESOL, Seoul, Korea, October 15th, 2005.

“MA TESOL Programs and the Job Market” TESOL San Antonio Texas, April 2005.

“Academic Support and Supplemental Instruction for International Graduate Students.” Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), Western Regional Conference, Los Angeles, November 2003.

“Tips for Teaching Writing” California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (CATESOL), April 2003. Workshop presentation on how to teach academic writing.

“Environmental Education In Community-Based Coastal Resource Management: A Case Study Of Olango Island, Philippines” Comparative and International Education Society
(CIES), New Orleans, LA, March 2003.

“Qualitative Research in Environmental Education,” at USC’s Graduate Program Student Senate 5th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference, 2002.

“Environmental Education in Community-Based Coastal Resource Management,” Greening Conference (UCLA), January, 2000.

“An Eco-Feminist Perspective of Coastal Resource Management,” Graduate Program Student Senate (USC), 2000.

“Community Empowerment in Coastal Resource Management,” Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), San Antonio, Texas, March 2000.

“American Education Workshop,” USC Language Academy, August, 2000. A presentation to teachers from Taiwan and Japan about the historical and cultural background of the American education system.

“Cultural Adjustment into a New Academic Environment.” American Language Institute Professional Training Workshop, August 1999.

Volunteer conference assistant at CATESOL, USC, 1998. “Educational Reform in Japan,” CIES (USC)—November, 1997.


"Faculty Development in the Balance: Autonomy vs. Accountability" in Tama University School of Global Studies Bulletin, Issue 5, 2012

"Using Environmental Themes in the Language Classroom" in KOTESOL Proceedings 2011.

"Preparing Japanese University Students for Study Abroad" in Tama University School of Global Studies Bulletin, Issue 4, 2011

“The W’s of Computer-Assisted Language Learning” in The English Connection a publication of Korean Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Volume 14 Issue 2 (Summer 2010).

“Coral Reefs Face Many Natural and Human Threats” in Are the World’s Coral Reefs Threatened? Greenhaven Press, 2005. ISBN: 0737726970.

“Integrated Coastal Resource Management: A Prescription for Sustainable Development” in the Electronic Green Journal, December, 2003.
Also appears as a chapter in Global Environment: Problems and Policies, vol 1. 2007 ISBN: 81-269-0845

“The Need for Environmental Education in Schools” in Teacher Focus Monthly, April 2003.

“Ecofeminist Theory in Sustainable Development: Moving Toward a New Environmental Paradigm” in Academic Exchange, December 2002.

“Environmental Education in Community-Based Coastal Resource Management: A Case Study of Olango, Philippines.” (USC, 2002). Doctoral dissertation that describes the education process of developing a community-wide environmental ethic for coastal resource management.

“Guidebook for ITAs” (Center for Excellence in Teaching, USC, 2000) As a contributing writing for the manual, I wrote Module 10, a section on support systems for International Teaching Assistants that also provided exercises in classroom management.

“Cultural Adjustment of Japanese International Students.” (USC, 1998). Master’s thesis describing variables that influence the success of Japanese international students in the American Higher Education system. The discussion provides suggestions for English language programs that prepare students for tertiary education in the United States.

“Social Integration and International Students.” This is an unpublished paper that describes how supplemental instruction can increase social interaction between domestic and international students resulting in higher levels of language acquisition and core content learning.


Academic Conference Organizer—Comparative and International Education Society Western Regional Conference, Los Angeles, November 7-8, 2003.

Editor and Alumni Advisor—Peer-reviewed on-line education journal, The Source.

Computer Skills—Word, Power-point, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Dreamweaver MX, SPSS, general knowledge of web page design.

Participatory Coastal Resource Assessment Training, (2001). Certified training program in research techniques to gather socio-economic and environmental data related to coastal resource management.

PADI DiveMaster Certified, (1994). Underwater search and rescue, deep water diving, night diving, underwater photography and First Aid.


Webmaster; Actor; Director of Theatrical Production; Disc Jockey for College Radio Station; and Poet, both published and experienced in recital.

INTERESTS: Writing fiction, photography, cycling, hiking, scuba diving, and travel.