A Virtual Tour





(tourist) site
















nothing special

not bad (so-so)




What is the capital city of the Netherlands? What is the Netherlands famous for?


Log on to this website: http://www.holland.com/us/



What did you see in Amsterdam?

           I saw Madame Tussaud’s Scenearama.

What was it like?

           It was cool, but a little bit scary.

Did you like it.

           Yeah it was great.

Activity 1 - Now Your Try. Click on a section of the Amsterdam map. Then click on the camera icon. Take the tour! Ask your partner about his/her tourist site, using the model sentences above. Then answer questions about your tourist site. Have fun!


Extension Activity: What do you see? What was your favorite tourist site? Go to that tourist site and describe everything you see.

           I see some bicycles. I see people. I see old buildings. Etc.

Now go to your partners favorite website and describe everything you see.


Activity 2 – Design and Present your own Virtual Tour. You be the Tour Guide.


Work with a partner or in small groups. You and your partner are going to design a virtual tour of Amsterdam, which you will present for the class. First log on to http://www.holland.com/us/. Click on “Amsterdam Virtual Maps.” By clicking on the camera icon, you can take a “virtual look” at that tourist spot. You and your partner(s) will decide which tourists spots you want to include on your virtual tour. Choose a maximum of about 6 or 7 tourist spots to visit.


When you present your virtual tour to the class, you should have a “running dialogue”, that is, explanations, descriptions and histories of each tourist site you visit. The short blurb under the virtual pictures will help you to write your running dialogue. Remember, always speak English when you are discussing your project with your partner(s). Below is an Example.


Example of a Running Dialogue:


Hello everyone. Welcome to our virtual tour of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is an old city, probably best known for two things: Marijuana and Vincent Van Gogh. But there is much more to Amsterdam than that. Let’s get stared.


First, we’re going to the Western Canal Ring, where we will visit the Nooder Church. This church is a very old church. It was built between 1620 and 1623. As you can see, it is quite simple but has beautiful woodwork.


Next, we’re going to visit Madame Tussuad’s wax museum in the New Side of Amsterdam. This is something that the kids might enjoy, although they might find some of the wax figures a little frightening. Inside, there are kings, queens, popstars, artists and many more. Lots of fun!



Etc. etc. etc.


Make sure that all members of the group take part in the presentation in some way. Have fun! And Bon Voyage!