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The following links are to short videos and slide shows. You can open them by clicking on the link or you can "right click" and choose "save target as" to save it to your desk top so you can view it later.

Short Videos 2010

Jasmen and Brian Tae Kwon Do Performance August 14th, 2010


Short Videos from Summer 2009

China (China webpage)

Jasmen Feeding Seagulls

On Boat to Yantai


More Seagulls

Jasmen in the Forbidden City

Jasmen in the Forbidden City 2

Ming Wall in Beijing

Jasmen at the Great Wall

Sunset in the Desert

Monkey On Bike

Monkey Show

Xiahe Prayer Wheel 1

Xiahe Prayer Wheel 2

Xiahe Prayer Wheel 2

Xiahe Sky Burial

Linxia Butterflies

Linxia Fighting Ants

Leshan Street Aerobics

Total Eclipse of the Sun at the Great Buddha


Laos (Laos webpage)

Vang Vieng

Silk Weaver

Elephant in Waterfall

Jasmen Feeding Elephant

Jasmen Feeding Elephant 2

Jasmen in Waterfall

Plane Landing in Laung Prabang

Monks Begging for Alms

Monks in Laung prabang

More Monks


Thailand (ThaiWebpage)

Chaing Rai Waterfall

Dancers in Ching Rai

Jasmen Netting a Big Fish in Chung Ju

2009 New's Year Celebration in Cebu

(The night I proposed to Jasmen)

Panoramic View of Cebu with Jasmen

3 Minutes of Fireworks in Cebu from the top of the Crown Plaza Hotel

Veiw of Cebu Streets Going Crazy on New Year's Eve

More Fireworks

Older Videos

Slide show of Je Ju Island Bicycle Trip --17 MB 170 photos with thumbnail selection

View of Chung Ju Lake from Nam Sam 09/15/06 -- 11.7 MB 53 seconds view from 650 meters

View Of Chung Ju from Gyemyeongsan 09/24/06 -- 4.78 MB 20 seconds

View of Chung Ju Lake from Gyemyeongsan 09/24/06 -- 5.62 MB 24seconds view from 775 meters

Night View -- Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival

Lantern Tunnel 1 -- Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival

Lantern Tunnel 2 -- Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival

Short Clip of a Band-- Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival

Hibok Hibok Peak -- At the windy peak of a volacano on Camiguin Island in Mindanoa Philippines

Katibawasan Falls -- Camiguin Island

Siaragao Rainbow -- On the boat to Siaragao

River Jeepney Ride --"Must see" vid of our jeepney driving across a river near Mt. Apo

Lake Agko 1 -- Volcanic hot springs

Lake Agko 2 -- Bubbling rock

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