“Money Matters—Changing Currency ”

· What kind of money does England use? Germany? Japan? The United States? South Africa?

· What other currencies do you know?
· What currencies have you used?

“I want to go to the US. I have to convert (change) K. Won to US$.”
“I live in Japan. I want to visit Korea. I have to change yen to won.”

Activity 1 World currencies
S earch currencies on world map & look at paper money from last few decades.
· After quick viewing of site, write 3 questions you’d like answered, then find answers and write them down.

Activity 2 Converting currencies
· http://www.oanda.com
· Click on Full Currency Converter.

Activity 3 The Euro
· Find a European currency that has been replaced by the Euro.
· Change the currency to won. A message will come up saying:
“You have selected a currency that has been replaced by the Euro”.
· Read about the Euro.
· Which of the European countries aren’t using Euros?

Activity 4 Precious metals
Which is the most expensive: gold, silver, platinum (baeg-geum)? Use the full currency converter to answer.

Activity 5 Big Mac Price Index
“Is a burger more expensive in A or US?”
W hich country has the cheapest/most expensive burger?
Which country has almost the same price as S Korea? (NZ).

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