Speech Class


Module 2 - Informative Speeches

Pages for Printing

Topics Ideas for Informative Speeches

Informative Speech Patterns

Speech #2 Worksheet

Group Conversation Handouts

Examples of Informative Speeches

(You do not need to print out these examples; however, you should read through them.)

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Achieving Goals

Links to Speech Videos


Module 3- Using Visual Aids - Graphs and Charts

Video Examples

Introducing Graphs and Charts

Presentation Tips

Pitfalls (or what not to do in a presentation)

Transcript for Videos

Graph 1

Graph 2

Graph 3

Pie Chart

Module 4 - Power Point Presentation - Persuasive Speeches

High Powered Power Point

Ideas for Persuasive Speeches

Group Conversation #2



Suggested Websites


Brian J. English Ph.D.

Course Instructor