CALL Teaching Instructions for


Lesson for Class: Ordering Food at Restaurant

Level of Class: Intermediate

This lesson canbe used to supplement “All in One 2” Unit 6

Topic of Lesson: International Cuisine/Ordering Food






Objectives: Discussing international/ethnic cuisine; ordering food.


Expected pupils’ products: Discussion--What dishes are popular in Italy?

                                          Ordering food—I’d like to have seafood tonight


Description of the Activities:

Pre-computer activities

Computer activities

Post-computer activities:

Discussion of international foods.

1) Do you like Italian food? Yes, I’d like Spaghetti Carbonara.


2) Would you like to try Indian food.  Sure, I like Chicken Tandoori.


3) Have you ever eaten Greek food? Let’s order Moussaka.


4) I like Chinese food. Let’s order Lo Mein for dinner.




I would like to try… next time.