CALL Teaching Instructions for



Lesson for Class: Travels—Would you like…

Level of Class: Intermediate

This lesson can be used to supplement  “All in One 2” Unit 12

Topic of Lesson: Travel



Objectives: Conversation focus—Travels

                   Grammar focus—Time expressions--a few; a couple; in; ago.


Expected pupils’ products: Dialogues, sentence composition (e.g. When did you go to France?—I went there two years ago.  Where would you like to go?—I’d like to go to China in a couple of months)

Description of the Activities:

Pre-computer activities

Computer activities

Post-computer activities:

Discussion: Which countries/cities have you visited? When?

1)China/Shanghai: Have you been to the Shanghai Museum?



2) Australia/Sydney: Would you like to visit Sydney Opera?



3)Italy/Rome: I would like to see the Colosseum




4) Canada/Toronto: I climbed the CN Tower a year ago





Discussion: Which countries would you like to visit in the future? Why?