CALL Teaching Instructions for
“Korean Wave!”

Level: Middle School or Young Adult

Time: 30-40 minutes

Objective: Talking about favorite pop stars, discussing their likes, habits, hobbies and personalities.

This CALL lesson should follow the classroom lesson “Music Now!” from American Shine, Book 2, Unit 1on weather.
Activity 1- Introducing a Korean Pop star
1) Begin the lesson warm-up exercises by asking students: What is the “Korean Wave”? (Hallyu in Korean) What is K-Pop (Korean Popular Culture)? Who are the most popular singers, or pop stars in Korea today?

2) Review (or teach) relevant vocab (i.e., pop star, celebrity, fame, culture etc.)

3) Have students log on to:

4) Scroll down to the Male Artists. Click on the artists from. Model the following sentences below:
This is Park Hong Jun. His English nickname is Teddy.
He is twenty-four years old. He has one younger sister.
He raps in the group 1TYM. (He is a rapper in the group 1YTM.
He enjoys playing guitar, listening to hip-hop and collecting CDs.
He likes girls who are kind, understanding and charming.

5) Ask students about the other members of 1YTM. Who is this? What is his nickname? How old is he? What does he like doing? etc. Make sure they can form all the wh questions correctly. Then have the students work in pairs and ask about other questions about their favorite K-Pop artists.

Activity 2 - Group work exercise (Prepare and present an interview). Divide the students in groups of three or four. Have them choose a K-pop group and prepare an interview, which they will later present to the class. Have them imagine they are on MTV and one of student is a VJ (who will ask questions) and the other students are members of the K-Pop group.

Activity 3 – What’s new in K-Pop? For higher-level English speakers, go to one of the websites below, which give recent news on K-Pop concerts and albums. This may require more substantial teacher support.

For a brief description of K-Pop go to:

Newspaper articles and background on the Korean Wave:

For a broad view of Hallyu go to (this site also links to an excellent and extensive library of K-Pop videos and artists’ bios, although the level of difficulty is quite high:

After you have finished this lesson please email your feedback or report any broken links to: