CALL Teaching Instructions for

“What’s the Biggest…?

Level: Middle school to adult

High Beginner/Intermediate

*For a printable version of students worksheet click HERE.

Time: 50 – 90 minutes (depending on how much material you cover)

Language Objective: Using comparisons and superlatives (er, more, est , most),Procedure:

Activity 1- Warm-up
Review comparative and superlative forms. Ask Ss questions about Korea.
What is the tallest building in Korea?
What is the most populated city? (or, What is the biggest city?)
Who is the most famous singer?
What is the longest River?

Activity 2 – Finding world records
This activity is fairly easy to set up. The students have a worksheet and can either work individually, in pairs or in groups to find the answers to the questions on the work sheet.
· Begin by logging on to:
Model how to answer the first question buy asking, “What is the largest animal in the world today?”
Then type in “largest animal” and hit search. The answer should come in a few seconds. The answer is the Blue Whale.· Monitor students while they try to find they answers to the rest of the questions.

· Note: Students may need help choosing key words for searches.

· Let students know that they can go to to look for answers. However, this is a search engine and they may need some additional modeling on how to find information using it.

Follow up activities
· Go through the worksheet in the next class.
· Have students make additional questions in class for a return to the CALL Lab.

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