New Book: Eco-Friendly Stories for Kids

“Eco-Friendly Stories for Kids” puts a green twist on some of our favorite children’s stories. From the Coastal Piper’s enchanting melody that inspires a community beach clean-up to Little Green Riding Hood trying to save the forest, these 10 stories aim to foster an Environmental Ethic for kids. The illustrated stories are fun and all have happy endings!

Here is the list of stories:

  • Jack and the Sustainable Beanstalk
  • Little Mermaid’s Ocean Adventure
  • Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • Cinderella
  • The Coastal Piper’s Melody
  • Eco-Little and the Falling Leaves
  • The Sloth and the Cheetah
  • The Three Little Pigs
  • Little Green Riding Hood
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes
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Shoes in the Junk Yard

Shoes in the Junk Yard

Whose shoes?
My shoes? 
Oh! Oh! Not my shoes!
Those shoes are blue shoes!
Those shoes are two too old shoes. 
Blew away to the city dump blue shoes.
Surely not new shoes, those shoes.
Those shoes…oh my soul, are lost shoes.
Yes! Yes! Hole-in-the-soles shoes. 
Very lost soul shoes! 
Looking like they're on the run for some fun, kind of shoes. 
Not quite blue suede shoes.
More like singing the blues, those blue shoes.
Two holy soley, looking for kicks, loving the blues, old blue shoes. 
Surely, not my shoes…I’m too old for those shoes.
image generated with NightCafe

Image generated with NightCafe

New Book: The Official AI Chatbot Joke Book

Introducing “The Official AI Chatbot Joke Book” – the hilariously groundbreaking literary masterpiece that’s here to prove that chatbots have a sense of humor, and it’s anything but artificial!

Are you ready to ROFLMAO (that’s “Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Algorithm Off,” in case you were wondering) at a collection of jokes so side-splittingly witty, even Siri would chuckle if she could

My new book with jokes generated by Chat GPT and illustrations generated by OpenAI’s DALL-E!

Dive into the world of AI-powered hilarity with this compendium of quips, gags, and puns written by chatbots, for chatbots, and anyone else looking for a rib-tickling good time. Our silicon sidekicks have crafted hundreds of jokes that range from the clever to the downright “fun-tastic,” and they’re all designed to tickle your funny circuits!

Ever wondered how many psychologists it takes to talk to a chatbot? Or how a chatbot tells a “Dad Joke”? Or what a conversation between an AI chatbot and Dr. Spock might sound like? Prepare to be enlightened as you navigate this whimsical universe of silicon satire, where the punchlines are electric, the wit is binary, and the laughter is truly boundless.

Whether you’re an AI aficionado, a comedy connoisseur, or just someone in need of a good chuckle, “The Official AI Chatbot Joke Book” is the must-have addition to your bookshelf. It’s a raucous tribute to the machines that keep us entertained, and it’s guaranteed to make you BRBLOL (Be Rolling on the Bed Laughing Out Loud), and leave you saying, ‘Alexa, play more jokes!’ because even Siri is updating her software to keep up with our punchlines!”

So, strap in for a riotous ride through the AI amusement park because these jokes are so funny, you have to wonder if chatbots have secretly enrolled in comedy school. Grab your copy today and let the silicon silliness commence!

AI Brian

With a Ph.D. in Punnyology from the University of Chucklesville, AI Brian is known for his groundbreaking research on the correlation between laughter and longevity. He firmly believes that one belly laugh a day keeps the doctor away, and his mission is to make the world a happier (and slightly sillier) place, one joke at a time.

When he’s not busy tickling funny bones, AI Brian enjoys long walks in the digital park and having deep philosophical discussions with Siri about the meaning of “LOL.”

You can find AI Brian’s AI-mazing humor in “The Official AI Chatbot Joke Book” – a collaboration that proves robots and humans can indeed share a laugh, or a thousand.