Shoes in the Junk Yard

Shoes in the Junk Yard

Whose shoes?
My shoes? 
Oh! Oh! Not my shoes!
Those shoes are blue shoes!
Those shoes are two too old shoes. 
Blew away to the city dump blue shoes.
Surely not new shoes, those shoes.
Those shoes…oh my soul, are lost shoes.
Yes! Yes! Hole-in-the-soles shoes. 
Very lost soul shoes! 
Looking like they're on the run for some fun, kind of shoes. 
Not quite blue suede shoes.
More like singing the blues, those blue shoes.
Two holy soley, looking for kicks, loving the blues, old blue shoes. 
Surely, not my shoes…I’m too old for those shoes.
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Poems for My Mother

Today is my mother’s birthday. Although she passed thirteen years ago, I like to wish her a happy birthday every year. She would be 97 years old today. The poems below, I wrote 13 years ago in the immediate days after her passing. Happy Birthday Mom, please continue to look after our family!

Thank You Mother

Thank you Mother for always being there
Holding my hand the times I was afraid
And lifting me high to see a  parade
Nightly tucking me in showing you care
Knowing I was sick or just feeling blue
You comforted me in those times of need
Or encouraged me to fight to succeed
Understanding my strengths before I knew
My teenage years brought so much turmoil
Observ’ng my strife you never relinquished
Through hurt and pain you coped with the toil
Holding back tears with a hug and a kiss
Ever with hope you prayed that I’d learn
Reconciliation, love and concern


Peeking in presents
Wrapped and hidden far from view
Did Mom ever know?

Tasty Treats

A whiff of choc’late
On arrival home from school
Brownies shape smiles