Hanami in Hodogaya Park


We enjoyed our annual Hanami or “flower viewing” picnic recently. This year we went to Hodogaya Park, up the hill from where we live. The weather was perfect for the event. Here are some photos:

Jasmen picked the perfect spot!

春風に (haru kaze ni)

吹き出し笑う (fukidashi warau)

花もがな (hana mo ga na)

A Spring breeze

Blowing laughter

Flowers, too

Matsuo Basho, Spring, 1668

Father and Son




Samazama no 

koto omoidasu 

sakura kana

How many, many things

They call to mind

These cherry-blossoms!

Matsuo Basho/translated by R. H. Blyth

Landmark Tower in the Distance