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Do you know about the Korean Wave?

What is it?

Who is your favorite Korean Pop star?

Log on to this website:

This is Park Hong Jun. His English nickname is Teddy.
He is twenty-four years old. He has one younger sister.
He raps in the group 1TYM.
He enjoys playing guitar, listening to hip-hop and collecting CDs.
He likes girls who are kind, understanding and charming.

Activity 1 - Now Your Try. Click on an artist or group and tell your partner about them.

Activity 2 – Group work. Imagine you are on MTV. Prepare and present an interview with one of the groups on the website:
One of you asks the questions (interviewer) and the others are the music group members. Have Fun!

Activity 3 – What’s new in K-Pop? Go to one of the websites below and read about the latest K-Pop news and events.

Tell your partner about the news. What concerts are coming soon? What groups have a new CD? Who is on the top ten list in Korea?More K-Pop websites
For a brief description of K-Pop go to: Newspaper articles and background on the Korean Wave: For a broad view of Hallyu go to (this site also links to an excellent and extensive library of K-Pop videos and artists’ bios, although the level of difficulty is quite high: