Teacher Instructions for

An English Menu

Level:  Adult Beginner/Low Intermediate

Time:  40 - 60 minutes

Objective: Understanding English Menus, ordering food in a restaurant, using expressions such as “I would like to have…”,  “How do you cook the…”, “Can I have the…” and “Would you like…”


Activity 1: Warm up

Ask students if they have ever ordered food using English.  Ask students how they would order food in English.  Teach several appropriate expressions such as:

Activity 2: An English Menu

Students choose one of the web addresses provided below:

Ask students to answer the following questions about the restaurants:

Activity 3:  Role play

Using the menus from the above websites, students create dialogues for ordering a meal.

Activity 4: Cultural Comparison

Write a list of the differences you can find when comparing American and Korean restaurants (opening hours, prices or kind of food for example). You will compare your list with the rest of the class later on.

Follow-up activity

For the next class, students choose one of the recipes they can find on the following link. For this purpose, go to the "most recent recipes" section. 


Additional websites